How we can help you live out your values personally and professionally.

It’s one thing to profess your values. It’s quite another thing to learn how to “live out your values” on a daily basis and earn sustained growth. We offer you the ability to gauge the current state of your internal and external relationships and create a plan to guide you on your journey to both financial and relational health.



Assessment Audit

A series of research tools are used to assess your organization both internally and externally. We measure the trust in your leadership team from your employees. We uncover the core values of your brand and help your team hone in on...



Operationalizing your Values

We believe that companies should never let their critically-important core values simply become a poster on the wall in your lunch room. Our key point of difference is that we can bridge the gap from theory into practice. In the Brand...


Creating your True North

After the assessment, we can build a firm platform to identify and prioritize your core values that surround your brand and those that motivate and drive your customers’ behavior. From this we find the common ground in values to build a meaningful...



Internal & External Communications

When you have built trust in your brand, you gain several benefits. One is customer satisfaction. Another is customer loyalty. But TVI believes the highest order of trust comes when brand zealots advocate on your behalf. Brand advocacy...