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Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Michael is a 43—year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry guiding strategic brand development for some of the most iconic brands in the country by offering a panoramic, values-driven view to create distinct, meaningful voices in the marketplace.

In 2009, fueled by the financial and moral collapse of Wall Street, Michael Co-founded The Values Institute, a strategic think tank exploring the value of values in personal and professional life and most recently, TVI consulting, to equip organizations to thrive through living out their values. More than a vocational pursuit, Michael views his work as a calling.


Chief Operating Officer
Michael has earned a 37-year career as a team-oriented leader as the CEO of four organizations.  His skill set includes board governance, strategic analysis and implementation, with a leadership style that clarifies purpose, aligns systems and unleashes talent that inspire trust.

He has the ability to accurately discern and assess situations and provide solutions.  He operates from reason and cognitive thinking to learn who people really are and what they need.

At The Values Institute he gets to live out daily his moral compass of trusting people with the truth, animated by his values, thus enlisting people in noble purposes.

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Len Hightower, Ph.d.

Managing Director, The Values Institute
Len joined the organization in August of 2018. He brought with him a wide range of connections to the k-12 world and decades of experience in higher education, coupled with strategic organizational change efforts. Len’s extensive academic and program development experience in human and moral development opened the doors to bring values-driven curriculum and mentorship. 

Prior to joining The Values Institute Len served a faculty member in the Ed.D. program in Organizational Leadership at Brandman University. Before that he gained 25 years of experience serving in senior leadership positions at institutions of higher education and consulting, leading numerous institutions through comprehensive transformational change processes.  He has earned degrees at Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral level.  While working on the doctorate at Claremont Graduate University he had the opportunity to study under Peter Drucker, one of the leaders in the formation of modern management.