Values Matter


Values Matter


Every decision we make is guided by what we value most. In an overly commoditized world our values help us stand out in a sea of sameness. Our values define our purpose. Shared values engage us with those we value most. They act as our compass to keep us on course. They create an impenetrable shield to outside intrusion. Most importantly, values are the gateway to trust —the most valuable asset
any meaningful relationship owns.


Trust Matters

Trust Matters


Brands that are guided by a strong culture of shared values are rewarded. Internally, employees are engaged and remain loyal. Productivity soars. Externally, satisfied customers become advocates. The bottom line grows. Shareholders smile.

High level of employee engagement increases operation income by 19% and earnings growth by 28%
– Harvard Business Review

High trust organizations financially outperform low trust organizations
by 286% 
– Watson Wyatt

77% of consumers refused to buy products from distrusted brands vs. 91% who bought products from a trusted brand – Edelman


Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

Never before has there been more need for
values-driven corporate behavior

Consumers no longer have time to waste on casual brand relationships. Our research tells us that brands must deliver more than mere product or service offerings. We want relationships with brands that share our values. At the same time employees want to work for more than a paycheck. They want to work for purposeful companies.

Employee disengagement costs US companies $300 Billion per year
– Gallup

1/3 of working Americans say they will look for a new job once the recession is over. 48% of that group cited lost trust in their employers as being the primary factor – Deloitte


82% of employees don’t trust the
boss to tell the truth
– Edelman

Highly engaged, values-driven employees working in encouraging, healthy corporate cultures have a dramatic impact that
is felt inside and out. Not only are they more productive, their efforts contribute in a powerful way to company financial
performance as well as customer satisfaction.

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%
– Dale Carnegie

A strong and well-communicated corporate purpose can contribute up to 17% improvements in financial performance – Burson-Marsteller

Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above
average productivity
Workplace Research Foundation

Fueled by decades of corporate misbehavior, consumers are wary of empty claims and unfulfilled promises of product or service performance. Put bluntly, we’ve simply lost trust in Corporate America. At the same time we’ve lost the thrill of accumulating stuff.
We’re disposing of things that don’t bring us real joy and more alarming, we’re prepared to dispose of companies
that don’t meet our emotional needs.

62% of Americans believe that corporate corruption is running rampant
– Gallup

48% of consumers refuse to buy products or services from brands that are distrusted – Edelman

92% of brands in US and Europe could disappear and consumers wouldn’t care
– Havas

Clearly, consumers are asking more from their relationships with companies than ever before. The good news is that if a company
can create a values-based bond they are paid handsomely. Not only do they outperform their competitors financially,
their customer retention rates are astounding.

Companies with highly engaged employees achieve 2X the annual net income of those with disengaged employees – Qualtrics

Companies that have over 50% committed employees retain
over 80% of their customers
– Qualtrics

64% of consumers cite shared-values
as the reason for their relationships
with their favorite brands
– Harvard Business Review