After the assessment, we can build a firm platform to identify and prioritize your core values that surround your brand and those that motivate and drive your customers’ behavior. From this we find the common ground in values to build a meaningful relationship between your customers and your brand. That relationship, similar to a married couple or business partners, is built on a foundation of shared values which creates a deeper bond that builds loyalty and can withstand minor violations in trust. The shared values are the basis of a set of tools that we develop that guide both your internal and external communications. These tools are especially important for companies and brands that need to be repositioned in the market. It provides a blueprint for communications both internally and externally – that can easily be followed by your marketing partners across the board.

Shared Values Optimization

We use either existing customer studies or conduct proprietary research such as the above Values-based segmentation to tease out the core values of your best customers. The prioritized values from each side of the equation – Brand and Customer – are then compared and contrasted to identify those areas of shared beliefs and motivations. This process reveals Shared Values with clear definitions that are equally true for the brand as they are for the customer. This explicitly defined set of Shared Values becomes the basis for relationship building and sets the foundation for the Brand DNA.

Brand DNA

This is a single-page oversized document that acts as the blueprint for all communication development. It contains the shared values and their definitions plus the following elements: 

Brand Promise — An internal rallying cry that informs behavior and tells employees what they must deliver on a daily basis. It gives every staff member a sense of purpose. It is the commitment you make to yourselves and your customers on a daily basis. 

Brand Essence — A single unique insightful idea that comes from the shared values and represents the soul of the brand. It defines what is true today about your brand, and what is aspirational for tomorrow. Most of all, the Brand Essence informs behavior and communication. 

Brand Voice – The tone and manner of the communications that establish the personality and character of the brand