Trust is anything but a simple or unified science. To adequately measure it, we need to look at multiple factors. The Values Institute and the Center for Brand Values Communication and Research have determined that five distinct dimensions or variables of trust must be assessed in any measurement of a brand’s trustworthiness.


Competence involves the extent to which a brand is seen as being effective, and how well it solves the problem or fills the physical or intangible need for which it was created.


Consistency provides a direct measure of a brand’s ability to perform dependably over the long term.  Can we count on it to do what it says?


Candor Measures sincerity, authenticity and honesty. This involves not only the amount and accuracy of information that is made public, but also the manner in which it is communicated.



Concern measures the more emotional factors such as caring, empathy, tolerance and safety. Sincere efforts to demonstrate concern contribute to high levels of trust.


The final dimension of trust is perhaps the most critical to building trust.  Connection assesses the extent to which our personal values, goals, norms and shared beliefs mirror those of a brand.