Brand Values Research Center

The Values Institute and California State University Fullerton entered into a partnership in the fall of 2013.  The collaboration resulted in the creation of the country's first center of excellence whose mission is to conduct primary research and develop curriculum that trains students before they enter the workforce.

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Injoy Global is a corporate partner for creating a healthier,
more engaged workforce. Using a proprietary online technology, programs are focused on transforming work environments into engaged, healthy, productive communities that look forward to each new day of accomplishment together. Deploying a revolutionary, values-based customizable online platform cultural change becomes engaging and enjoyable. Focusing on the verticals of employee wellness and leadership, powerful results are achieved.

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The Values Institute is housed in the headquarters of Amusement Park, a Southern California values-based communications company that centers all efforts around
the goal of creating sustainable relationships between its
clients and their customers.

The firm offers a new model that creates social currency for
the brands it represents through an immersive experience combining branded entertainment, social engagement and communications grounded in social science.

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