A series of research tools are used to assess your organization both internally and externally. We measure the trust in your leadership team from your employees. We uncover the core values of your brand and help your team hone in on the most differentiating ones that provide you a significant point of difference in the market. We also query your customers and see their level of trust in your brand versus your competitors and can help you prioritize your target – not based simply on demographics – but more significantly based on their values. This is particularly important for companies that are challenger brands or companies that have had a significant
change in management.

Internal TrustPulse™

A similar online survey tool that breaks down how much your employees trust corporate management … from immediate supervisors to top management. The survey asks a set of questions that lead to a score in each of the 5 ‘C’s and ultimately an overall cTrust score. The findings can be used to fuel a culture shift to improve specific areas within the 5 ‘C’s. More importantly, the survey will identify areas that management can leverage to improve employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty. Our survey also not only creates ongoing KPIs for trust but also employees level of JOB SATISFACTION and OVERALL HAPPINESS.

Brand Values Assessment

The process begins with a deep dive into the values of your brand and your customers in order to find the emotional commonalities. We conduct in-depth individual interviews with current senior stakeholders to understand the key points of difference about your brand – not about the physical products, but about the philosophies and culture. We will uncover the points that can be leveraged and built upon to create a tangible unique identity. We will identify your current brand values and understand where they could be five years into the future.

Values Prioritization

TVI’s Algorithmic model prioritizes the a long list of potential brand values from the above assessment by forcing key stakeholders to make tradeoffs within a smaller subset of those items and repeating that exercise for several different combinations. The result is a score for each value in the list. A benchmark score of 100 is set for any values that would have at least a moderate amount of impact. The higher the score, the more impact that value statement has on helping your brand reach its goals.

Brand TrustPulse™

An online survey tool that breaks trust down into 5 essential components that make up how your customers see your brand and its closest competitors. The survey yields a cTrust™ score which is made up of each brands measurement of Competence, Consistency, Concern, Candor and Connection (The 5 ‘C’s). Rather than just a scorecard of trust, the survey’s in depth audit allows you to deeply understand areas of brand strength versus its competitors and specific areas that need to be shored up in order to gain customer trust. The study ultimately ties to the key results of gaining trust which are brand LOYALTY, SATISFACTION and ADVOCACY.

Values-based Consumer Segmentation

A recent study by the CMO Council noted that the #1 step marketing executives are taking to maximize the impact/value of their marketing is to improve customer segmentation and targeting. TVI felt that most other segmentation studies don’t provide true insight about the way consumers think primarily because they only focus on past behavior. What makes this segmentation different is that the groups are defined by human values and lifestyle choices rather than demographic and socio-economic statistics – which are inherently more accurate in predicting how customers will act in the future – based on their belief systems. We have joined forces internationally-renowned values research company, CEB Iconoculture to develop a custom proprietary methodology that creates consumer segments based on commonalities formed from 95 different values statements. Each segment has a set of core values associated with it that can then be used for our Shared Values Optimization.