We believe that companies should never let their critically-important core values simply become a poster on the wall in your lunch room. Our key point of difference is that we can bridge the gap from theory into practice. In the Brand Therapy phase, we engage with your management team to be culture champions and then teach each any every employee – no matter how big or small your company is – to practice them daily. No change in culture will happen without top management being completely onboard and leading by example. TVI’s Brand Therapy can be implemented as Part 3 of the holistic process or can be independently applied for companies who have already defined their values but are not successful in getting employees to fully embrace the culture. This is an essential component for any company that wants its employee to not just know – but actually practice and embrace – a new set of values. We have the proven results showing unprecedented employee engagement in various size companies.

Leadership Training 

The ultimate goal of this training is to create a high performance team within a values-based culture. The key elements of successful team are having capable leaders across the board, technical skills and tools to do the job well and skills to be true influencers in their area of management. The core skills in being a true influencer are practiced in the workshop. There is a communications assessment that involves the ability to know one’s own dominant communication style AND be able to assess and connect with all different communication styles. There are immense benefits of being consistently positive and optimistic which is at the root of the session on how to see change the purview and see stress as a challenge instead of a threat.

This seminar serves two main purposes. 

1. For the key players to really connect to each other as a team. 

2. To experience four powerful and core leadership tools that can make an immediate impact in the ability for each member to be an influencer.


For many companies, a Purpose Statement and a set of Core Values never go beyond a framed poster in the lunchroom. We simply won’t let that happen. In this phase we will establish community and achieve behavior modification through an online dashboard that is designed and implemented on an innovative new platform. This will offer all employees the opportunity to participate and compete in challenges to improve their personal development through the unique combination of building management skills and social interaction. Your customized program will be created to promote the connection of employees with your values and purpose through daily activities that are designed to motivate employees in a team environment with quarterly competitions that use some of the same principles of game theory.

1. Individual dashboards 

2. Trackable progress 

3. Social sharing 

4. Friendly competition 

5. Rewards and celebrations