When you have built trust in your brand, you gain several benefits. One is customer satisfaction. Another is customer loyalty. But TVI believes the highest order of trust comes when brand zealots advocate on your behalf. Brand advocacy has become a critical currency in today’s “Yelp-ified” social media environment where everyone no matter how big or small can either boost or destroy your brand almost instantly. Taking control of the factors that impact advocacy are addressed in this 4th and final phase of our holistic approach. This is especially important for companies that have numerous retail channels where employees (your own, or franchise/dealer employees) touch your customers on a frequent basis.


How well do your employees know your core values? Would they be able to give someone the elevator speech about your brand? In today’s highly fragmented media world, it is more and more difficult to effectively reach your prospective customers – especially at the moment of truth – when they are at the point of sale. That is why we believe that your secret weapon for marketing can be as simple as activating your employees to preach the gospel of your brand. And this is not just about those employees on the front lines – every employee has a network for word-of-mouth and social media. This is the most under-utilized marketing weapon that everyone has in their arsenal. TVI can help develop and orchestrate an internal campaign that ensures that all employees are continually informed and are encouraged to use their influence to positively advocate on your brand’s behalf.


The Values Institute is intrinsically connected to one of Southern California’s most awarded creative advertising and marketing agencies – Amusement Park – formerly known as DGWB, Inc. The agency was founded 30-years ago by TVI’s co-founder Mike Weisman. The connection between the two firms runs deep as the agency is established on the same principles of using shared values to find the emotional link that forms a meaningful relationship between your brand and your customers. TVI’s strategic process provides a seamless lead-in to Amusement Park’s process for creative development, media planning, digital assets and even public relations. We can manage a transition that will ensure your culture and values are communicated in the most effective and creative way possible.