A recent international survey revealed that 92% of all brands in the US and Europe could disappear tomorrow and no one would care. A rather staggering statistic given that every day, millions of well-meaning people to to work and end up with little to show for their efforts. I believe that the primary reason so many brands are deemed "disposable" is because, aside from creating revenue, they have yet to discover their true purpose. Without knowing their "why" companies move from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year lacking the ability to make a lasting, meaningful impact on their employees and their communities.

It's not surprising then to see dismal employee engagement numbers, lack of trust between employees and their CEOs, and sagging sales. I was once told that beyond the day we're born, the next most significant day in our lives is the day we discover why. Given the current pace of business it's difficult to take time to reflect on company purpose and yet, in the "life story" of the companies we give our all to, finding our "why" becomes the most significant discovery we'll ever make. Without purpose, we blend into the sea of sameness that characterizes much of the business landscape. We make little difference to those we employ and the community we seek to attract. We fail to leave a mark. We become part of the 92%.