by Mark Weinfeld

On Wednesday, Glassdoor released it Best Places to Work study for 2017 and if you live in the Values Economy, the results were no surprise.  It is no coincidence that seven of the companies on this list are also past winners of The Values Institute’s Most Trustworthy Brands.

Glassdoor’s rankings rely exclusively on feedback from current and former employees who submit an anonymous company review through Glassdoor’s website during the year. For a company to get ranked, at least 75 employees must review the company.  Glassdoor has been compiling and publishing this annual study since 2009. 

Google, who was honored as the top technology brand in the 2016 Orange County’s Most Trustworthy Brands survey, was listed as the #4 company in Glassdoor’s ranking.  Apple and Microsoft were among the top 40 companies on the list and both have been honored by TVI as a Most Trustworthy Brand.

Trader Joe’s who was the overall Trust Champion in this year’s TVI survey, was #33 on the Glassdoor list just ahead of Costco who was also a finalist in this year’s Most Trusted Brands General Retail category. And perennial MTB winner, In-N-Out Burger was ranked #7 on the Glassdoor list the first time a food service operator has been in the top 10 and one of only two restaurant brands ever on the list. 

In-N-Out’s placement on this list is just another of its amazing accomplishments considering that they only operate in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Texas and this is a national study.  Also, most of their employees are entry-level restaurant workers and all of the other companies in the top 10 are either very prestigious technology companies like Google and Facebook or international consultancies like Bain and Boston Consulting Group with highly-educated and skilled professionals.

In-N-Out’s amazing culture is a reflection on their leadership. At the very top of In-N-Out is Lynsi Snyder, the CEO who has maintained a strong sense of values in the organization that were instilled in her by her family. Ms. Snyder is an individual who is truly authentic and willing to lead with her heart. In a recent interview with TVI founder and CEO, Mike Weisman, she passionately shared how important it was to love those who made up the In-N-Out family--a family that includes employees, customers and the community she serves. Ms. Snyder was honored as the 2016 Most Trustworthy Leader by TVI and was on Glassdoor’s 2016 Highest Rated CEO’s list as well. 

Brands that rate well on trust in the MTB survey all have scored well on the trust element of Concern. Concern scores are driven by employee interactions with customers.  And of course, those vitally important interactions can make or break your brand and your business’s bottom line.  Employees who are active and engaged are 31% more productive, 25% more effective and have proven to yield your company 18% more profit – all according to a 2014 Gallup survey.

Congratulations to all of the top 50 companies on the Glassdoor Best Places to Work 2017 list.  We will likely see you on the upcoming TVI’s National Most Trustworthy Brands survey due out in First Quarter 2017.