The linked article is republished from LinkedIn.  It is a great expose on what has happened to our values as the heated debate and dividedness has arisen from this years' Presidential election.  But this article (which is an excerpt from The Social Organism: A Radical Understanding of Social Media to Transform Your Business and Life,” to be published Tuesday, Nov. 15 by Hachette Books.  But what makes this article so valuable, is that they share two examples of how organizations have managed to keep hate off their sites without flat out censorship (which has often resulted in even more hate).  

In the case of Riot Games,  a gaming giant with 67 million users of its flagship League of Legends game, used... gamification to incentivize players to identify positive and negative behavior.

This artificially intelligent system of incentives and education quickly gave rise to a powerful self-reinforcing feedback loop of good behavior. It proved to be a remarkably successful case of Pavlovian conditioning. Reports of verbal abuse at League of Legends immediately dropped by 40%, according to lead game designer Jeffrey Lin. Incidents of homophobia, sexism and racism are now found in just 2% of all games. More than 90% of punished players never commit another offense.

This is a great example of using gaming to actually change behavior for the better.  TVI uses an online tool called Culti-Vate to help organizations shift their culture by changing behavior through a gamified quarterly challenge that allows all employees to compete by practicing the organization's values on a daily basis.    Check this out on our site at