The following is a quote from an article by the Global CEO Vanella Jackson of Hall & Partners which is one of the largest and most reputable research firms on the planet.  She speaks to the increasingly more important need of marketers to share their brands values.  We think this music video from our sister company Amusement Park, Inc., is a great example of advancing the conversation and taking a stand on an issue.  Client JBL and artist Damian Lillard a.k.a. Dame D.O.L.L.A.   

Quote from Hall & Partners, Vanella Jackson

"It’s important for every brand to make a unique emotional connection with those they are targeting. Increasingly, this no longer needs to be limited to the emotional benefits of the product or service alone.

Today people expect more. They expect brands to stand for something beyond their own interests, to contribute and do good in the world. Whilst this is evidently true for Millennials, it also applies to others who feel that brands have become self-serving and can no longer be trusted.

It’s never been more important for a brand to show that it really understands its customers – to demonstrate what it values and why it believes it’s different from others ... Increasingly, there’s an opportunity for what we call ‘culture brands’: brands that take a stance, aiming to challenge and shape culture, rather than simply reflect it.

Whether it be confronting stereotyped attitudes towards women or championing workers’ rights, culture brands think big. They demand a different societal approach. Culture brands create a rallying call and use social power to drive cultural and social change. This is the new role for brands, a role that’s important and gaining momentum."