What do you Value?

It's not about what you sell any more, it's what you value and how you show it.
That's the world your brand lives in. It's what we call, The Values Economy.

2014 Findings Report

This year’s Most Trustworthy Brands study confirms that our expectations are high for brands to win us over once again. Several brands did answer the call and are being honored for their ability to build and sustain trust measured against five core values. Download the report to see the results and analysis.

Click here to download the 2013 Findings Report.

TVI on the Radio

Mike Weisman, discusses how companies focusing on the values they demonstrate are bonding with their customers who crave a relationship beyond product.

See how the Values Economy is shaping purchase behavior

The Problem

Our economic system is broken—businesses seem to value transactions over relationships, creating mistrust with consumers. It's time for brands to stand apart from the sea of sameness and prove that they can be trusted.

Learn more about The Transaction Economy and how a brand like Starbucks is countering this trend.

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The Solution

In a world where products are more and more alike, it's the values a brand shares with their customers that will be the differentiator.

By defining your brand's values, you can start building a meaningful relationship with your target consumer. Check out this video to see how these connections are made.

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of respondents surveyed in a 2012 study on engagement cited Shared Values as the reason they have an ongoing relationship with a brand.*

*  Three Myths about what Customers Want
May 22, 2012

Harvard Business
Review Agrees

At the Values Institute, we believe Shared Values are a brand's gateway to growing and building trusting relationships with its customer. The greater customers trust a brand, the more they tend to interact with it. This is why we often tell companies TRUST is their brand's most valuable asset.

See how we measure the trust a brand's instills in its customers

Trust Pulse Survey

We uncover the values a brand shares with its customers and use our Trust Pulse Survey to measure that connection. Using methods based in sociology, psychology and economics , the survey measures the brand against five categories of trust to reflect customer opinions, what guides their decision making and how their behaviors are shaped.

The results allow companies to evaluate its practices and how the brand message is being received.






Annual Trust Summit

Every year, The Values Institute studies the brands that are building trust with
consumers to create and foster meaningful connections. And each year, we honor
10 brands considered Most Trustworthy.

Learn more about 31 brands awarded since 2010

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Mike Weisman

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